Monday, December 5, 2011

I refuse!!!

As I chat away tonight on the Twitter gathering known as #preppertalk, I've been struck by the willingness of the "Prepper" community, to aquiesce at the thought of "Making do" with less.  If that is the objective... Then why do we prep???  Aren't we planning, stacking supplies, and building up our stocks of tools, in order to improve our futures?  We MUST resolve ourselves to not only survive our uncertain future, but to do so with "Style"!  To do so with some measure of a quality of life.  Anyone can entertain a future where they are living in a cave, and subsisting on whatever grubs they can dig from the base of trees, but we have to ask ourselves a question... Is that living?  We have the greatest informational tool mankind has ever invented, in this wonderful thing called the World Wide Web.  Nearly the sum total of all of mankind's knowledge can be found here.  We as preppers, need to find better ways to share the information that we need to not only survive, but to truly live in the future.  I refuse to give in to a future, where there is no hope of laughter.  Where there is only drudgery at the end of a shovel, and axe.  I will not live a life without dancing!  We must find ways to use today's modern technologies, coupled with the ageless wisdom of our grandparents, to reduce the drudgery of an SHTF existence.  Any prepper worth his or her salt knows how to home can foods. How many know about Tattler RE-USEABLE canning jar lids, or how to build a rocket stove, so that the fire wood we have to feed the canning process is reduced to a tenth of what an open fire would use?  Why are we not all trying to find an "EMP" resistant vehicle, so that if the need to "Bug out" ever presents itself.... NO ONE gets left behind?  Why do we in our community always concern ourselves with the worst outcomes, instead of networking to find solutions?  I've watched thousands of videos on Youtube about the plans of the so called "Secret Societies" of the elite.  I've never ever seen one video posted by anyone, about how to avoid winding up in a so called "FEMA camp".  Why is that?  We're wasting the opportunities we've been given.