Saturday, January 29, 2011

What is a Prepper?

I recently had a conversation with some young people that called themselves "Preppers", but during that conversation the topic quickly turned to the "Evil New World Order".  This got me to thinking. What is a "Prepper"?  What makes one, what does that term really mean?  The Urban Dictionary defines a prepper as quote - "Someone who focuses on preparedness, generally for various worst-case scenarios like peak oil or Armageddon. Sometimes used to avoid the more loaded term Survivalist.".  I would prefer to define my fellow comrades in the prepping world, as someone who eats, sleeps, and lives 110% of their time, thinking about, and doing preparedness.  We all know that the proverbial Fecal Matter is about to impact the  Oscillating Air Movement Device... And that it's going to do so very soon!!!  I'm always therefore amazed when I run across someone who calls them self a prepper, but knows all the intricate detail of how the "Illuminati" is going to take over the world, or can recite word for word, what's carved on the "Georgia Guidestones".  I just can't understand how someone, who is trying to prepare for TEOTWAWKI can find the time for such pursuits.  What time I can find between work, chores, and the other pursuits of simply living in this modern world, seems to be filled with actual prepping (Or making videos LOL).  I don't seem to think about the evil NWO much any more. I've come to believe that the collapse, will be complete, and long term.  Any group that is now planning to "Take over the world", won't have the horsepower to survive such a total and complete reordering of our society.  If things are to get that bad, and maybe stay that way for a very long time, doesn't it make since to dedicate yourself to spending your efforts on developing sustainability?

Our world may soon be very different than it is today.  Nobody has a crystal ball, but the fundamentals in the economy don't look too promising.  If you want to call yourself a prepper, do your family a favor.  Spend your time preparing, rather than worrying about "Them".

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  1. I have to agree GH, prepping is action and lots of it! Lack of action for preparedness will only leave you and your family as a statistic.