Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wake up call

I spent the day Sunday online with a few of my friends gleefully watching the events unfold in Egypt.  Mrs. GoatHollow , however was not amused!  She had a conversation with me yesterday morning, and to make a long story short... I got spanked.  I felt like a schoolboy who was caught red handed dipping Suzie's pig tail in the inkwell on my desk.  It seems, that although I've been talking the talk, I've forgotten to walk the walk for the last couple of weeks.  My "Preps" have stalled.  As Mrs. GoatHollow usually is... She was right.

I've always felt that the most important thing to make sure, where being a prepper is concerned, is to NEVER lose momentum.  Every small step we take, down that "Preparedness road", get's us closer to being ready.  It doesn't mean that we will accomplish great deeds every day.  It means that we accomplish SOMETHING every day.

When you lay down to go to sleep every night, You should be able to ask yourself the question.  "What did I do today to prepare?"  You should be able to honestly have an answer for that question.  It could be something as simple as having researched how to save a certain kind of seed from your garden, and how to re-plant it the next year.  It could be something as grand as having finished an outbuilding, that you are building.  What's important is that you did something!  Kept the momentum going.

It really does us no good to be "Awake", and not do anything about it.  As the winter doldrums set in, the sky's turn gray, and everything around us seems to be depressing, we have to force ourselves to keep our chin up, and be able to answer "The question" every night!

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